Forget what you knew about pellet, gas & wood stoves

Brochures and salesmen spread misinfo, while old half-truths live on in the minds of those who heated with old-style wood stoves their whole lives. Between the myths and misinformation, most customers like yourself are losing out on incredible savings and unprecedenced efficiency. Don't be fooled! This is info they don't want you to know.

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A new generation of home heating

Absolute lowest prices on the highest efficiency wood stoves. You don't hear about this in other stores. I was trained as an engineer for eight years and began business in the 90's. I successfully sold other popular stove brands for years, but when I discovered the Country brand 'flash combustion' stoves, I dropped my other brands and began to retail these exclusively...

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Info you won't learn from brochures or researching on the web

Country 'Flash-combustion' wood stoves are unlike stoves of the past. They're affordable, virtually unbreakable, highly efficient, and require few or no repairs when used properly.

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Where do you start?

Researching a stove is a daunting task for anyone, especially when you're told that all the popular info is actually misinformation, and even the latest brochures spout statistics that are inherently misleading.

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Why wait? John will personally provide a demonstration that actually shows you how it works, and that it works. Almost any day of the week, just call with an hour's warning. There is seriously never any pressure to buy.

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Flash stove demonstration

Need more info before you get the in-store demonstration? See our demo points page and get an overview in layman's terms of the facts that back up our stove being your number one heating solution.

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