Cast iron Stoves

New and used cast iron wood stoves

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Recent advances in steel stove technology make steel vastly superior to cast iron!
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Cast Iron Stoves Break & Fail

Failure notice about Vermont Castings, Jotul, Hearthstone and Waterford stoves

All new cast iron stoves have been pulled from this site as of August 15th, 2012.

Failure of their fragile non metal seams are leading not only to overheating and short burn times, but to the complete failure of the flash combustion system. Without smoke combustion, there is only half the performance promised on the brochure. This is a permanent loss, as the cost to ship, repair, and re-install exceeds the cost of the stove, and is not covered under the warranty!

Please go to the section on cast iron at for more info and a video showing the new flash combustion system and other benefits. What was considered good in the past, is rarely what is good today. Also, folks who praise a stove based on past truths, only do so because they are unaware of the huge advances in todays quality wood burning stoves that perform as promised for more than its' first over-fire.

Folks overwhelmingly choose the new flash-combustion wood stoves.
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