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The flash combustion of smoke!

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John Debar, the 30 year founder & owner of Fireside Stove & Ocean State Chimney, is available for walk in wood & gas stove demonstrations, performed every Saturday, 9 to 5, and weekdays, 10 to 7. Weekdays, please call John at 783-6054 with 1 hour advance notice.

Weekday notice is not always needed, but it allows John, who is otherwise managing a busy remote office, time to walk over, and start up a most unique display stove. You'll be well served the moment you arrive. John's 4000 stove customers know he's dedicated and excited to help folks, and would say with a smile, that learning by 'show and tell' experience is a lot of fun.

John's motivation is more to help folks, than making a buck. He keep hundreds of stoves in stock and they are discounted substantially. They are engineered properly, unlike most stoves today, where quality happens to be critically important. Surprisingly, quality doesn't make them more expensive.

High volume purchasing has allowed John to discount substantially for over 25 years. Unlike the 1990's, John is no longer consumed with last minute crowds looking for hearth items, stove customers don't need. To further insure prompt, uninterrupted service, John gave up all shelf items, including the cash register. This 'stoves only' approach resembles a car dealership, but without a hint of pressure to buy. You are helped professionally by John.

Since 99% of all customers have us deliver and install, payment can be made conveniently from your home upon completion of the installation. This saves you the trip to the store to pay. Furthermore, no deposits are required, so you are under no pressure to commit when you come in for the demonstration.

John explains online, in a detailed summary, the numerous reasons why his unique demonstration is invaluable. Also explained, is why wood or gas stove brochures or internet research do more harm than good in the decision process. It's well worth the read: http://ristove.com/library/Demonstration Outline-Flash Combustion Technology.pdf John has also managed a large chimney service business of 30 years. The service techs are quite dedicated as well. They are quite a hit with the customers. Please understand there is a short and very hectic Fall busy season. That occurs in both the stove and chimney businesses. Specifically, a 20 fold spike in demand! These businesses are highly specialized, so temp professional help is virtually impossible. With a lot of overtime and hustle, most stove and insert installations are performed within a week.

Demonstration Outline

Flash combustion technology, (burning of smoke), doubles efficiency, and doubles the burn duration, as compared to impressive 'air tight' stoves of the past. However, this doubling of the value of wood burning is just the beginning of a long list of pleasant surprises flash combustion provides.

Other new benefits, in addition to half the wood usage, and half the wood handling:
  • Extended burn durations mean no re-starting with kindling mornings, and on return from work.
  • Stunning 24/7 fire views through stay clean glass could make it the centerpiece of the home.
  • Seeing the fire is also a safety benefit to children, as seeing danger upon entering the room, makes it less likely they will wander into it.
  • Long distance viewing of how much wood remains in the stove takes away the need to keep walking to the stove and opening the door. With less door opening, there's less likelihood of smoke in the home.
  • A $280/cord of wood is the oil heating cost equivalent of 75 cents a gallon.
  • Free fuel option. Often rejected due to dangerous creosote, pine and other scrap wood can be found free for the taking. Tree service techs leave most of the pine. Homeowners reject it too, but don't want the expense of dumping it in the landfill. Some instead try to burn it in the back yard fire pit, but that now requires the chore of pulling a town permit. With craigslist.org, they list the pine for free pickup. Also, carpenters can save on dumpster costs if they provide the work site location for free scrap wood pickup.
  • Stay clean chimneys now possible, even with sappy woods.
  • Most of my customers go over 10 years without chimney cleaning. Advanced stove design, as in the 'Country' collection last a lifetime even when abused. With concealed shielding built in, clearances to combustible walls have been reduced up to 80%. This means no expensive wall protection, and much less hearth and room area needed.
  • Advanced design fireplace inserts can be used now to heat the entire home, at the same efficiencies as a free standing stove, all while preserving the look and feel of a fireplace.
  • Carbon Neutral: Emissions of carbon dioxide from wood burning is now no greater than the CO given off the same wood rotting in a landfill. Furthermore, for every cord of renewable wood fuel used, less oil emissions, and less money given foreign oil suppliers that may someday use it to do America harm.

Other major changes that surprise some of the most informed shoppers:

Some stoves are designed to need expensive wall protection if within 2-3 feet of a combustible wall. Even with this protective barrier, you still need to be more than a foot from the protected wall. Yet, other models that heat huge 3000 sq ft homes, allow you to put it less than 5" to the combustible wall, saving space and hearth costs.

Why is a demo necessary to learn that flash combustion wood burning is three times better?

Folks often comment on how much they learned from this article on flash combustion topics. Demonstrating is an art form, making numerous and complex contributing factors easy and fun to understand. When this is experienced, it makes learning by reading this article pale in comparison.

Why is it a huge mistake to select a flash combustion wood stove without a multi part demo?

Many shop in a preset manner that works well as a rule, but fails with flash combustion stoves. Many want to grab a brochure, prices, and run...too busy for a demo they feel they don't need. Especially during the Fall busy season, most salespeople don't have the ability or the time to patiently guide you to optimal stove. It also takes a while to demonstrate numerous 'hidden' improvements, and how they all combine to more than triple the benefit of wood heating. Everyone is amazed, especially those who thought they already knew. Once it sinks in that these are so wonderful, it takes just seconds to prove something equally as eye opening- that most popular selling expensive stoves soon permanently revert back to 1/3 their promised performance.

This is proven by... (continued at Demonstration Outline)