The Truth about Soapstone Stoves

Proven Before Your Very Eyes

When given a burn model comparison of the Country flash combustion stove, no shoppers have opted for a pellet stove. Instead of wood in the form of pine sawdust (pellets), the Flash Combustion stove cleanly burns even sappy pine when smouldered! Versions have existed for a while, but Country has perfected it with affordable durability, and up to 94% efficiency! Before going to to see what informed folks choose over a pellet stove, check out the numerous downsides pellet stoves below, for which promoters fail to emphasize.

My name is John Debar

In addition to 25 years in the hearth and chimney fields, I have an extensive science background. Thermodynamics and materials science are just two of dozens of science courses I passed in engineering college.

There is no merit to the claim that soapstone stoves are better at heating. Additionally, soapstone stoves are a poor choice for a number of reasons. First, let's expose the myth.

All stoves today have virtually the same wood fuel economy, that is, they all are certified about 70% efficiency when tested new. Wrapping soapstone around the stove does nothing to give you more heat. Instead, there is a negligible shift in the heat. There is a delay in heating with a proportional delay in cooling down. There is no net gain! In other words, the small amount of extra heat that lingers was lost initially in a heating delay at startup. Please see

Better Than Soapstone... 2x Effiency Wood Stoves

    With a quality Flash Combustion stove, expect the following:
  • Properly operated, you'll never need a chimney cleaning or have a chimney fire.
  • They can be as close as a few inches to an unprotected wall. Less space & installation cost.
  • They're not prone to overheating, so a large firebox giving a very long burn time is an option even when heating a small area.
  • It will never need repair,(see the 'Country Collection' stoves) and rarely need a new gasket.
  • Use half the wood and remove half the ash as compared to 70's airtight stoves.
  • See the beautiful fire view through the new stay clean glass fronts.
  • Can stay lit over night on one load while heating a large area.

The list goes on...

Folks overwhelmingly choose the new flash-combustion wood stoves.
Learn about more advantages and see a video of flash-combustion by going to