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The flash combustion of smoke!

Fireside's Uniquely Constructed Flash Combustion Stoves

The 'air tight' & 'catalytic' wood stove is virtually extinct. This is the era of the 'flash combustion' stove. Country Stoves are uniquely engineered to be trouble free.

Many customers report a clean chimney despite burning sappy wood such as pine. Pine is often free wood others reject, pallet wood etc, so heating for some is free. The flash combustion of smoke also results in a beautiful flame display viewable through the self cleaning glass. Half the wood is now consumed if the smoke fuel is burned rather than sooting the chimney. This means not only half the cost, but also half the work and double the burn duration. Savings soon pay for the stove.

With an indestructible Country stove, low end control is never lost. In the past, 'air tight' stoves would soon leak, and this excess air intake led to too much heat. Even a small leak meant overheating would occur. This is why stove pipe dampers were always installed, knowing in advance the airtight stove would likely leak when fired up too hot. Another reason to avoid these stoves is that a hairline leak causes a catastrophic three fold loss in the stoves' overall performance. This is one of five eye opening demonstrations provided in Fireside's educational showroom.

With low heat control and very high efficiencies, long burn times result. Remote space temperatures are thus better maintained, as it's much easier and economical to achieve 24/7 burning, with less source room overheating. 24/7 burning is now half the work, and much more rewarding, due to half the wood cost and stunning fire views. Most customers report a huge drop in oil/gas costs. Wood burning often pays for itself in savings in 2-3 years. All of today's new stove brochures promise essentially the same performance, but most revert to behaving like the stoves of the past, and are not easily repaired. Here's why:

All cast iron stoves have non-metal seams and poor quality door components. Most of these are the trusted brands of the past. These faults were tolerable then, but not now with flash combustion technology. Then, a burnt out seam meant just over firing and more stove pipe damper use. It wasn't a big headache back then. Repair was possible for about $600. That's not the case with today's new cast iron stoves with triple the labor to repair due to a schematic showing triple the parts. It now costs over $2000 to repair, factoring in added costs, such as the uninstall, re-install, and shipping both ways. It's cheaper to buy a new stove. The warranty is worthless since you over fired it. Who would continue using a stove that loses flash combustions 5 major attributes? Leaks reduce firebox vacuum, so air needed for smoke burning is no longer provided. This results in a big loss in efficiency, heat control, & burn time. Furthermore, wood handling, ash removal, and chimney cleanings greatly increase. This is demonstrated with the burn model. As a result, my last few cast iron 'Jotuls' and 'VC's' wouldn't sell even at wholesale! For the same cost, folks overwhelming prefer a stove that's easier to use, cheaper to install, with more features, with one of a kind durability.

I've long wished other stores would demonstrate this as well. Shop around and see. Most unknowingly mislead. So do brochures (see brochure article). Too many make a poor choice based on out dated criteria. A demonstration goes far beyond this article, and serves as proof beyond any doubt. Since you are best served by having me provide the demonstration, help me to help you by calling to let me know when you are on your way. Please provide at least 60 minutes notice. This gives time to start the display stove, and walk over from my office to be there when you arrive. There won't be a hint of pressure to buy. Those who visit and shop around always come back, and as a result, I am the largest-volume dealer of Country stoves in the US today. At Fireside, discounts on quality stoves come with a low price guarantee on both the stove and all of the stove options. Please call John Debar any time for a demonstration. John Debar, Owner, Fireside Stove, 52 Main St, Wakefield. 401-783-6054