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The flash combustion of smoke!
Stove & Chimney Guides
Stove & Chimney Guides

Informational Guides for our Customers

Flash Combustion Stove Demonstration

An introduction to the marvels of the flash-combustion stove. By the time you're done reading, you'll want to come in to see it with your own eyes! We hope you will.

Very Few Cleanings with High Efficiency, Low Emission Stoves

Country-brand flash-combustion stoves are designed to burn smoke free, so most of my customers have gone ten or more years without a cleaning. However, some need cleaning yearly and burn 30% more wood, because...

The Truth About Pellet Stoves

Despite high costs & issues with performance & fuel price & availability, pellet stoves are touted as optimal heating appliances. See the true story about pellet and a comparison to modern flash-combustion wood stoves.

Smoking / Start-up Problems

Troubleshooting Initial Start Up Smoking - for Wood Stoves

Chimney acting up? To reduce or stop smoking, it is important to understand a few things about chimneys...

Wood Stove Smoking Problems

Make up air for other venting appliances tries to get in the house down through the wood stove chimney. This is often what causes the smoke to come out of the stove.

How To Fire Up Your Wood Stove

Once all the variables are figured out, issues are rare.

Heat Problems

Stove Not Heating Enough

These stoves go by a set of rules very different from what used to be...

Some Metal Noise is Normal

The loud noise is normal when 'suddenly overheating' the stove. There is no damage. It is the ductwork/air jacket around the stove, and the noise should diminish somewhat after break-in.

Technical Questions & Maintenance

Why Damper Block-offs are Not Installed

With the invention of flex pipe, and its price decrease, the pipe now terminates at the top of the chimney, unlike the recent past where the pipe just went through the damper with a damper block off plate...

Baffle Board Issues

Baffle boards only break with contact. They may blacken, but the material does not burn or crack from heat.

Articles Coming Soon:

Manual Says to Use Hardwoods - is Pine Not OK?

"In your literature and conversations you stress that its best to use seasoned hard wood. But you also say that you can use pine. I simply don't understand how the two statements connect."

Should I Remove or Keep the Ash on the Stove Floor?

No need to protect the floor with ash. These are not fragile stoves. More ash in the stove means less wood can fit, and less burn duration. See the Flash Combustion Demo page for more tips.

Surround panels not included?

There are many reasons why surround pannels are typically not chosen by customers...

Bricks bad if cracked?

Only if located in the fire box ceiling, is replacement of cracked bricks needed. Usually it is actually no problem when stove bricks crack. Learn more here...

Glass Breakage

You can safely burn with a hairline crack...

Wood can't be too dry

Wood can't be too dry. Manufacturers of fragile cast iron stoves state this lie. It is in desperation to keep the furnace cement seams and cast iron from cracking, and keep sales up, as well as creating a loop hole to avoid warranty service.

Gasket Non-Replacement Reasons

Gaskets fall off when moderate contact is made. This is normal. Glue made for temperatures that can exceed 1600 degrees is not firm gripping...

Creosote Odors in the summer

Even though the liner has been brushed clean of loose soot, it can still hold odors. Another reason to buy all 'seasoned' wood in the spring, so the creosote is burned in the stove instead of collecting in the vent pipe.

How to clean the glass and keep it from getting as dirty.

Tips on cleaning your low emission wood stove's glass.