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The flash combustion of smoke!

Fireplace measurement form for a fireplace insert

These measurements are needed for fitting the optimal size insert. Simply copy and fill in the blanks in and email today.

Height of fire box opening = __ "
Width of fire box opening = __ "

Width of fire box rear wall = __ "
Depth of fire box = __ "
Is the fire box below hearth level?

Hearth extension distance in front of the fire box= __ ".
Is the hearth raised higher than the floor? If so, how much? __".

Is there a wood mantle?
If so, what is the distance up from the fire box floor to the underside of mantle shelf = ___".

Usually, there is wood trim extending several inches below the mantle shelf. If so, what is the distance up from the fire box floor to the bottom of the wood trim?= ___".p>

Often there are wood 'mantle legs' or 'trim' several inches to the right and left of the fireplace opening.

If so, the distance 'left to right' between the wood bordering the sides of the firebox opening = ___" . This measurement is rarely less than 4 feet.

  • Is there a living space floor above the fireplace room? Yes or No
  • Does the chimney have a metal or stone chimney cap present? ___
  • Approximate square footage of the home?

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions.

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