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The flash combustion of smoke!
Fireplace Insert Showroom
Fireplace Insert Showroom


It can be confusing these days to determine the best value. Here is a summary of what's special with the 'Country' stove line:
  1. All models come with high density refractory brick guaranteed as long as you own your stove.

  2. Unlike other stove lines, both ceiling components, the tubes and brick retainers are stainless steel. The stove body is 1/4" to 5/16" thick.

  3. It doesn't use a fragile door latch or bypass mechanism that often requires service. The door and latch come with a lifetime guarantee.

  4. The Canyon and Legacy models allow 35% more air flow through the door opening due to having a unique 7" diameter vent. Every other stove line I've seen only allows 6" diameter venting.

    A larger air flow when the door is open greatly reduces the probability of smoking.

  5. If you find a better built stove overall, inform me for a $400 discount, even after the sale. Prices are guaranteed lowest even after the sale.

All installations are not the same.

When a wood stove insert is installed, it is done with a stainless steel chimney liner. This flexible pipe goes up from the stove and bends through the damper frame and up all the way to the rain cap. It is often difficult to get a 6" diameter pipe through and then connected.

Larger diameter pipe requires much more labor, and the pipe costs more, too. However, it greatly improves the draft and performance. Most importantly, it greatly reduces the likelihood of smoking. It is worth the slight extra cost to get much more air flow.

The alloy of the liner is 316 ti (titanium) When we install, a chimney cleaning and custom installation is included. We paint the fire box and set the stove all the way back. No payment is required prior to the job completion, not even a deposit.

A note about blower fans!

On new 'flash combustion' stoves that greatly reduce wood consumption- never install a fan even if a retailer is offering one for free! If you've properly sized your stove, it will meet your heating needs and burn smoke at a lower setting. Operating at a lower setting is ideal for overnight burns and 24/7 burns that help even the temperature throughout the house. Cool down the stove with the fan, and the smoke fuel will pass unburned. You'll greatly increase wood and chimney cleaning expenses, and lessen the burn time, when using a fan.

Thanks for considering purchasing from Fireside.

-John Debar