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The flash combustion of smoke!
The flash combustion of smoke!
Free Stove Info from Fireside
Free Stove Info from Fireside

Wood Stove Baffle Board Issues

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Written by John Debar, Owner / johndebar@gmail.com / 401-783-6054

Baffle boards only break with contact. They may blacken, but the material does not burn or crack from heat. None have been reported to do so in the years they have been out.

All household users need to be mindful not to jam logs in high up impacting these baffle boards, or they will break. I have complained to Lennox, but they say it is the way it is with all new generation stoves, not just Lennox.

Be thankful if you don't have a furnace cement seamed cast iron stove. These are, for the same capacity, 30% more in cost, and often a total loss in a couple years. The Lennox stove will last a long time. Just some initial adjustments to work out due to the complexity.

Fireside's Country brand flash-combustion wood stoves are up to 94% efficient. Many old stove are around 40%. But to be 94% efficient, they need to be run in the right way to capture that efficiency.

Running your stove using minimally seasoned (wetter) wood will make them behave like older generation stoves, using more wood and generating more unburnt smoke, leaving behind creosote buildup and debris that must be cleaned. Our stoves burn much of that wasted smoke by following simple but important steps to achieving maximum efficiency with your wood stove from Fireside Stove Shoppe.

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