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Legacy Insert Specs
Legacy C260
Large Insert
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Choose from a variety of exquisite doors:
  • EPA Phase II Certified, flash-combustion burn technology
  • Extra-wide viewing glass with integral airwash system
  • Singular draft control technology offers ease of operation
  • Find out why everyone who shops around rates Fireside far superior in service and price for quality products.

Retain fireplace look w/o optional panels:
+$2604 $2149 w/ standard black door & free ash removal pan
  • Surround Panels -3/16" thick steel $135 - add for custom inside fit
  • -Door Shell; Gold or Nickel: Reg: $365, Brushed $289, Polished $189
  • Etched Glass; 4 Designs: $99 (w/ trade-in of plain)
  • Blower Fan: Reg $434 $299 (Variable Speed & Heat Activated)
  • Includes free ash pan and XL custom poker!
  • Unbeatable Prices!
    Fireside's low price guarantee never expires! For as long as you own your insert, if selling elsewhere for less, a refund check will be issued for the difference.

    Why are brochures counterproductive in choosing the right stove or insert? With new generation flash combustion stoves and inserts, all brochures contain misleading typo's, regardless of manufacturer. This is carelessness on the part of the UL/EPA testing group, who perform testing on numerous parameters, and present it on the brochure. These typo's lead nearly everyone to the least optimal choice. Full details on the link above.
    List of eye-opening demonstrations Fireside provides!
    Firebox:22.5"W x 17.5"DEfficiency:79.2%
    Combustion System:Flash-combustionEst. Heating Capacity:1200-2200 sq.ft.
    Max. Ouput/Cord Wood:79,000 BTUsMax. Burn Times:7-11 hrs.
    For complete stove specifications, see the product brochure here.
    Quality Construction That Matters!
    We take the time to prove that quality not only matters, but is critically important. There are 6 major points, all of which are not covered online, or at other stores. Showing these by demonstration is essential for believing and understanding. Both myself, and those who come in, enjoy an experience they never expected.