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Jon Debar, Fireside Stove Store Owner
John Debar, owner
Fireside Stove, formerly Wakefield Stove, was founded in 1990 by John Debar. It is located at 52 Main St, alongside Wakefield Music. Over 3000 high quality stoves have been sold locally, of which most are still in service.

The small showroom is for ‘show and tell’ education. Common feedback I hear is that what’s learned here is unique, amazing, and vitally important in the stove decision process. What’s true today is contrary to what used to be true, in every way. Proving so is complex, but made easy with a live demo, and from having done so thousands of times over the past 20 years. The web is of little help, however is a good start, but the demo is still needed to fully understand.

Those who visit experience no pressure to buy. In fact, there is no cash register or shelf items to be found, just stoves. The burn model stove is the key to understanding flash combustion. On warmer days the display stove is fired up as needed, so please provide an hour’s notice you are coming. Simply call John at 783-6054. Evenings are OK as well as days after 10am.
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