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The flash combustion of smoke!
Free Stove Info from Fireside
Free Stove Info from Fireside

Wood Stove Not Heating Enough

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Written by John Debar, Owner / johndebar@gmail.com / 401-783-6054

These stoves go by a set of rules very different from what used to be.

First, they are sealed air tight at the top. No air flow can move up and out of the chimney.

Therefore, if no air can leave the home, no heat can be lost. The cubic area inside the chimney is very small once a few feet up from the damper, and according to Richard Rua, the chief instructor of the Chimney Sweep Institute, sealing at the bottom serves no function, and causes the chimney insides to be too cold for initial starts, and thus makes it more likely to smoke. It can be sealed with insulation if you wish, but you will not notice a measurable difference.

The uppermost liner may have an insulated top termination. This is the barrier that will stop good, heated air from leaving the home. There is no evidence insulating the liner all the way up helps with flash combustion smoke free stoves. Have 3000 installed without issue.

The stoves have a convective jacket, unlike stoves of the past. The heat is directed forward and the brick insides of the fireplace do not get hot. Even if bricks got hot, most would give it back to the house later. No heat can get out of the home, thus, the heat stays in the home. No need to pull the stove out like in the old days. It won't help.

For fuel efficiency and heat transfer within the home, you will need to use fully seasoned and properly sized wood and fill the stove fully when reloading.

Is this happening? If smoke is coming out of the chimney, then there is a major problem that needs to be corrected: You are not burning that smoke as fuel, which will result in more soot, more cleans, more wood costs, and decreased efficiency. Learn more about what makes Country brand flash combustion wood stoves the best wood stoves on the market.

County stoves are the finest on the market. There isn't another brand with even close the durability. This is especially important when overfiring:

Folks frequently report operating it red hot, and so far no damage. However, they have all had blowers to extract the extreme heat from the stove. Most stove brands other than Country are ruined with repeated overfiring. Even though I can't recommend 'red hot' operation contrary to the manual, I can report that in 11 years of selling them, no damage has been reported yet, while with the older generation cast iron stoves, the damage to the weak caulking seams and corresponding loss of efficiency is practically to be expected, and just one of many reasons to choose modern flash-combustion stoves over them.

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