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The flash combustion of smoke!
Free Stove Info from Fireside
Free Stove Info from Fireside

Some Metal Noise is Normal

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The loud noise is normal when 'suddenly overheating' the stove. There is no damage. It is the ductwork/air jacket around the stove. The sound should diminish somewhat after break-in.

The stove is not for rapid heating of the home like a furnace. It takes over 12 - 24 hours to fully get to the other rooms, and then, as stated during the demo, stays on to maintain the temperature. Short 6-12 hour burns will not produce desired results in other rooms. Long continuous '24/7 burns' are needed.

Although blowers are often unnecessary, they are most useful on the coldest days, since you must operate on the higher setting as a rule for your larger homes need. Blowers in some cases will make a measurable difference, especially taking into account being an older home that may be more drafty and less insulated.

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