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The flash combustion of smoke!
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Free Stove Info from Fireside

Manual Says to Use Hardwoods - is Pine Not OK?

Waste Wood Becomes Free Fuel with Flash Combustion Stoves!

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Written by John Debar, Owner / johndebar@gmail.com / 401-783-6054

Customer question: "In your literature and conversations you stress that its best to use seasoned hard wood. But you also say that you can use pine. And I simply don't understand how the two statements connect."

Good question.

All wood needs to be seasoned beyond what is sold as commercially seasoned. At least two summers, covered and split.

Pine is less dense a wood, has less burn duration, however, it is virtually free.

For some, free heat with a less dense wood is better than the cost of quality hardwood.

Some save the hard wood for when they need the longest burn times. In other words, if there was a gasoline at 30 cents a gallon, but you got half the mileage, the cheap gas is still the better deal, even if fill-ups are more frequent.

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