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Free Stove Info from Fireside
Free Stove Info from Fireside

How To Start Up Your Wood Stove

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Written by John Debar, Owner / johndebar@gmail.com / 401-783-6054

Once all the variables are figured out, issues are rare.

The outcome is the combined effect of the following, all of which can vary:
  • - the 8" over sized flue in your metal chimney
    (takes longer to warm up, minor issue after warmup)
  • - the wood moisture content
  • - home make-up air
  • - initial heat priming of the vent pipe ( don't ball up newspaper/etc. keep it loose.)
  • - the amount of dry kindling used to start
  • - outside temp and wind direction to a minor degree
It is not likely that just one of these factors alone is the issue, but a variable mix of them all, thus referred to as having a 'personality', or unpredictable change from day to day.

It is easy to remedy once you see which are the offending factors. One thing is is not, is the stove. It plays no role, other than it is a cold mass of 450 lbs, and needs a good amount of dry kindling to warm up and get the air moving.

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