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The flash combustion of smoke!
Free Stove Info from Fireside
Free Stove Info from Fireside

Very Few Cleanings with High Efficiency, Low Emission Stoves

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Written by John Debar, Owner / johndebar@gmail.com / 401-783-6054

Country brand flash combustion wood stoves are designed to burn smoke free, so most of my customers have gone 10 or more years without a cleaning. However, some need cleaning yearly, and burn 30% more wood, because of not following the manual, and additional helpful tips listed here.

To put things in perspective, at about $145/cleaning, you could save $1450 in 10 years- and being in high-efficiency clean burn mode, would also save about 18 cords of wood, and the work to stack and load it. Clean burning also adds hours to the burn duration.

Whether or not you'll be in this group that receives these benefits depends on following simple instructions. Consider printing out the printable version of the tips page, and refer to it from time to time.

When venting into a metal chimney, or a metal lined masonry chimney, (not fragile masonry tile, as with most folks), there is little safety risk. Metal vents also are minimum sized to begin with, so even if there is just a small amount of creosote present, it would restrict air flow and tell you a cleaning is needed. It tells you by smoking when opening the door. Not just the normal puff here and there, but instead, a noticeable increase in the amount of smoking. Another indicator of creiosote building up is if the chimney cap has a buildup of creosote.

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